What Will Happen If I Lose Presidency In 2019 – Buhari

Buhari Speaks On His possibilities At 2019 Polls President Muhammadu Buhari, at the special government building meeting yesterday, same it’s nearly not possible for him to lose within the forthcoming general elections. this is often as he was asked on however he can take it, if he lost the presidency to a different party within the elections. Buhari World Health Organization spoke throughout a live programme labelled ‘The Candidates’ dialogue for the 2019 general elections in capital of Nigeria, any noted that it’ll not be the primary time for him to lose elections. He stressed that he tried it 3 times earlier to be President however was unsuccessful till the introduction of electronic system and also the Card Reader by the freelance National Electoral Commission (INEC). per him, it measured not possible for him to lose the election thanks to the nice reception he has continued to receive across the country throughout his election campaigns. On whether or not he can quit workplace if he’s defeated within the election, Buhari same, “it won’t be the primary time i will be able to lose election,”. “I tried 2003 and that i was in court for thirteen months, 2007. i used to be in court for eighteen months in 2011 and went up to the Supreme Court. I weekday down and same God Dey. For the fourth time, God and technology helped American state.” per him, his administration is following a tedious manner in fighting corruption, because it is fastidiously crosschecking the books and records. He mentioned that there are instances wherever contracts were awarded to corporations and people while not the work done. Speaking on whether or not he was obtaining pissed off by the slow pace of the fight against corruption, Buhari same “I can’t afford to urge pissed off.”. He additionally spoke on why he has set to not react on the graft allegations against the governor of Kano State Abdullahi Ganduje . “I am fully swamped by the Ganduje case. i made a decision to not discuss it as a result of the State Assembly has taken it up,” he said. meantime Naija News reports that comments are trailing the President’s talks and mannerism at throughout the media outing. See some tweets: Facial Expressions nowadays of the entourages of @MBuhari to @NTANewsNow as he debates against himself. we do not want any prophet to inform USA that these faces were affected by the performance of Buhari pic.twitter.com/tFa339R5yf — Akanfe Olugbenga (@Diamond0012) January sixteen, 2019 Buhari is LOSING a dialogue wherever he is the sole participant. My President — OH Cheops (@mhagayr) January sixteen, 2019

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