Toyin Lawani Reacts After Fans Attack Her For Posting Video Of Her PA Rubbing Her Naked Buttocks

Toyin Lawani Causes Social Media manic disorder With Instagram Video Celebrity and serial bourgeois, Toyin Lawani has lashed out at those offensive her over a recent video she denote on Instagram of her male PA rubbing her buttocks with oil. several attacked Lawani, labelling her act as unblushing however she more experienced the backlash by telling them to face their own lives if they were uncomfortable together with her own modus vivendi. She additional that those uncomfortable together with her posts will plow ahead and block her. The mother of 2 wrote: “You opinions Don’t Pay the Bills, Mofos, Go Rant to @kimkardashian BITCH is on cowl of Forbes , nonetheless you decision her A prostitute ,Everyday , that young bourgeois during this Economy Run thirty Businesses day in trip and manage 2kids , that one colleges abroad ,pays over 100 people’s remuneration, house up to forty of them , trains Physically challenge at no cost and provides them paid employment. The a lot of you discuss ME the extra money I build , That’s what you Losers don’t grasp, causerie you’ll be locution her kids , Are they your kids , leave my life Alone and face yours, idle trolls, Do I appear as if somebody World Health Organization cares , i’ve got bills to pay , I don’t see one you’re paying it on behalf of me or feeding my kids, I work too onerous on behalf of me to worry concerning your useless opinions , I add my factories all night with my team whereas you sleep or build silly comments, Learn to Embrace your erotism, whether or not you have got children. I’m not accountable for your appearance or your misfortunes. continuously trying to find my man ,so you folks will Ruin it, Nigerians ma pami now?my mentality is foreign ,I grew up there ,you don’t expect all folks to assume the identical method or just like the sAmethings, Show ME an attractive mama of 2 World Health Organization Genuinely works onerous together with her 2 hands and set standards before you speak trash a few intimate apparel shoot , is it a goat that may have place the oil on my body for the shoot , @deydeysoso_ fancy the rubbing jare . Eyin werey jatijati, causerie you’ll be mentioning my kids.hisss. if you don’t like ME pls commit sucide verybody please face your face and go and type all of your husbands in my Dms. Bastards if they pay you standard 5million Nigerian monetary unit to indicate all of your condition,you will even add your mother i’ve got told you folks on the ist of January, my twelvemonth Resolution is embrace my erotism , if you don’t prefer it pls block ME.” See the video she shared that has been inflicting most stirs on the internet: read this post on Instagram what percentage of you have got this sort of stylist A post shared by Tiannah’s Empire | 09061100061 (@tiannahsplacempire) on Gregorian calendar month sixteen, 2019 at 10:08am standard time

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