Top trending Shatta Wale songs 2019

Shatta wale songs bring the dancehall scenes and this is the reason why most of them are still trending this year. The controversial Ghanaian Reggae and Dancehall king is well known for his great usage of pidgin language that makes his songs more unique and loved. Shatta Wale is loved since he never disappoints he goes an extra mile with his awesome collaborations with famous artists.

Top trending Shatta Wale songs 2018

Let us see what Shatta Wale has been up to.

Latest Shatta Wale songs 2019

Here are some of his latest releases

  1. Life Be Time
  2. Island
  3. African Girl – Kwesi Arthur ft Shatta Wale
  4. My Level

Trending Shatta Wale songs 2018

You will be amazed to know the trending Shatta Wale songs 2018. Shatta Wale songs list shows how the Ghanaian artist is making waves with loads of success following him. Read on, watch, and listen to his great vocals, lyrics, and perfect choice of beats that will make you click ‘download’.

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