Tom Hanks Surprises Fans By Buying Them Lunch

American actor, Tom Hanks , got some fans astounded yesterday at a burger joint and purchased them lunch. E! News discovered, that the actor met lots of consumers waiting within the drive-thru at AN In-N-Out Burger in Fontana, California, so bought lunch. a disciple United Nations agency was known as Renee Chavez, free a video that showed once the actor dined within the eating place along with his married person, thespian Rita Wilson. Another fan, Meghan, denote on Instagram a pair of photos showing Hanks and Wilson feeding burgers at the branch, and also the actor chatting with AN worker at the counter and taking a selfie with a client. “Tom sighed In-N-Out hats and took footage with everybody,” she told E! News. “He was genuinely nice, laughing, talking with everybody and taking selfies! He needed U.S. a Merry Christmas on his reply.” and also the burger joint wrote this on their Facebook page: “Tom Hanks and his married person, Rita Wilson created a surprise stop in Fontana on Fri. Welcome to Fontana @tomhanks! Please visit U.S. once more.”

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