Timi Dakolo Calls Out Osinbajo For Keeping Silent On Alleged Breach Of Constitutional Rights Of Nigerians

Timi Dakolo Challenges Osinbajo to talk Out Nigeria’s vice chairman, Yemi Osinbajo has been referred to as out by widespread singer, Timi Dakolo, United Nations agency defendant him of remaining silent over this alleged breach of constitutional rights of Nigerians despite being a high pastor within the country. The singer took to his Instagram account to prompt Osinbajo of Daniel within the Bible United Nations agency spoke intrepidly to the authorities despite being an element of them. He shared, 1. i assumed you knew the law. 2. Pastor sir, what is going on to you? three. Pastor pastor, i assumed you’re associate orator? Why are you not speaking? Why are you not speaking the truth? four. Pastor pastor, keep in mind Daniel within the bible. He spoke the reality intrepidly. 5. Pastor pastor, Are you continue to God’s mouthpiece within the passageway of Power?! See the post below:

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