Special Spesh’s Baby Mama Accuses Him Of Being A Deadbeat Father

Maria Nnenna, the baby mama to Special Spesh , has defendant him of being a defaulter father. They each welcome a son few months back. this can be coming back when Spesh’s baby mama celebrated the primary birthday of her son and more declared that she deserves a pat on the rear. “My baby are going to be a year during a month patting myself on the back” Maria UN agency defendant Special Spesh of being a defaulter father that plays the victim, shared a screenshot of her chat with the hypeman within which she asked him to state what he’s committing to his son’s welfare as she listed what she spends monthly for his maintenance. However, from the chat, it had been gathered that Special Spesh UN agency claimed that he doesn’t have employment, told his baby mama that he are going to be solely be giving $250 for her automobile monthly.

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