Runtown Reportedly Banned From Entering US

The General manager of Eric several recreation, Johnson Adumike , has alleged that in style Nigerian singer, Runtown, has been prohibited from assessing the us. In his statement, he claimed that the record label assisted the singer and his brother to secure the US visa however his brother has since refused to return home once their trip. He said: “The P-3 visa (which permits Associate in Nursing creative person or someone, on an individual basis or as a gaggle, to enter the U.S) that Eric several got for Runtown and his brothers to enter the us has expired and Runtown’s brothers didn’t return inflicting their visas to expire.” With Runtown and therefore the record label not in sensible terms, Eric several reported true to the us immigration. Report discovered that once Runtown and his mother needed to reapply for his or her visas, they were told that they’d been prohibited. See the post below:

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