Peace Movement Turns to Nigeria/Cameroon Territorial Dispute

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The Belize Peace Movement, proponents of a ‘no’ vote in the upcoming I.C.J. referendum, is hitching its wagon to an ostensible legal opinion being put forward by a purported Nigerian attorney. She likens the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute to that of Nigeria and Cameroon several decades ago, where both countries took a claim over the Bakassi Peninsula to the International Court of Justice for resolution. For context, Nigeria and Cameroon have argued possession of Bakassi for decades, resulting in significant hostility between the two countries. Cameroon subsequently took the matter to the World Court in March 1994 and in October 2002, eight years later; a decision essentially based on the Anglo-German agreements was handed down in favor of Cameroon. The I.C.J. ruled that sovereignty over Bakassi did indeed rest with the Central African nation. Although the argument may differ in both cases, the Belize Peace Movement is seemingly drawing on this example to bolster its position.

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