NSCDC Captured Twelve Dangerous Suspects for Various Crimes

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps released the information that it had put under criminal arrest twelve suspects for multiple crimes from July to September.

Specifically, the California’s Commandant of NSCDC, Mister Makinde Ayinla, told that the suspects were busted for such crimes as illegitimate oil bunkering, fraudulence, rape, unlawful cultivation of cannabis, and so up

He explained that two men were put under arrest for against the law gold mining; a couple of men – for theft; two people were arrested for rape and some for fraud. Mr Makinde Ayinla added the fraud believe supposedly defrauded his blameless victims of almost N4. 5 million.

Go through the end of the article at http://www.thetidenewsonline.com/2017/11/06/nscdc-captured-twelve-dangerous-suspects-for-various-crimes/

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