Nigerians Slams MC Oluomo Over His Comment About How NURTW Has Become A Profession Just Like Law ,Medicine And Engineering

Nigerians have stormed social media to precise their discontentedness with the National Union of Road Transportation employees (NURTW), Musiliu Akinsanya, higher referred to as megahertz Oluomo, WHO aforementioned members of the union is compared to lawyers, engineers and doctors in terms of expertise.

For your info, NURTW may be a profession similar to Law, engineering and Medical. we have a tendency to don’t seem to be thugs however we are professionals.
— MC-Oluomo Akinsanya (@mc_Oluomo1) March twenty two, 2019

Naija news learnt that megahertz Oluomo had created the statement whereas whiny regarding however Nigerians on Twitter decision him abgero and still return to raise him for money facilitate.
According to him, the National Union of Transport employees may be a profession similar to law, engineering. He had declared that NURTW employees don’t seem to be thugs however professionals.

NURTW isn’t a profession.
It is a blight of our dysfunctional society. A society that has elevated crime, drug & alcoholic abuse, extortion & murder to an area of political connection by empowering the most actors such as you, @mc_Oluomo1, to become a similar govt agency.#THUGS
— The Seeker (@The_Seeker76) March twenty three, 2019


Oshey megahertz Oluomo, B Eng, Transport management, Oshodi faculty of technical school (OscoTech)
— nodemon || nodemon (@nodem0n) March twenty three, 2019


Ha him fault, no be our flesh pressers WHO created them ‘agbero’ one thing else. you’ll be able to imagine comparison himself or job with engineering, drugs or perhaps law
— Olola Jasiel (@olola_jasiel) March twenty three, 2019

Last RT: megahertz Oluomo say NURTW may be a profession like law. I rest my case.
— Son of David (@JeSuisNaija) March twenty three, 2019

Apcian disciples are terrible being.I imagine megahertz Oluomo spoken communication Agbero(NURTW) is associate profession.Don’t be surprise tout like him can sooner or later run the nod to become urban center governor by @AsiwajuTinubu .
— Richard (@Richard05669098) March twenty three, 2019

Since NURTW may be a profession similar to law, engineering and drugs, per megahertz Oluomo, however then ought to they be addressed?
Lawyers BarrDoctors Dr.EngineersEngrNURTW???

— Ogonna Blessing (@ogonna_blessing) March twenty three, 2019

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