Nigerians React To Photo Of Amala And Ewedu That Costs N6500 Per Plate

Amala and Ewedu has been one in every of the foremost gratifying Yoruba delicacies of the individuals of South Western African nation and has over the years, gained nationwide recognition. The second reason is that the proven fact that it’s comparatively reasonable and may be simply gotten anyplace. Well, it’s either there’s AN alien invasion or free enterprise is been compete out at its peak as a result of a particular metropolis building for a few reasons have determined to place a preposterously high quantity on the popular amala and ewedu meal as every plate goes for N6,500. The photos were shared by a Twitter user known as @The_Florentyna UN agency merely wrote: “Amala. Warehouse room. 6,500.”  Amala. Warehouse room. 6,500. — Imabong. (@The_Florentyna) February twenty eight, 2019 needless to say, the post caused quite stir on thereforecial media as many folks thought it ridiculous to place such a high value on one thing that may be simply gotten anyplace and deliciously so too. this is often nice, i’m glad you taking our Amala to the current level. That rice and dish wey no value am self Dey collect bundle. — Desmond Ajimuda (@savvykeys) February twenty eight, 2019 Iya Moria Unilag, whether or not one may be a glutton you can’t pay over 600, walahi — One Fine broker (@The_hanifah) February twenty eight, 2019 eh! Kini!!! Amala!!! 6500? Is dish within? Are there multivitamins inside after I enter sabo market Il start with full Gold Coast should go. o da! — AlPha feminine (@Johykabuk) March one, 2019 If i obtain this amala and therefore the pot even along with your finger nails six,500, my conscience can flog Maine with APC broom. Except this amala can offer Maine immortality, and Djinn the spirit is within the pot then forget it. — Vhic3 Adibe (@Nobel_writer) February twenty eight, 2019

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