Nigerians React To NNPC Job Recruitment

A storm of reactions by Nigerians has greeted the continued accomplishment at the Nigerian National crude Corporation ( NNPC). Naija News reports that the Corporation had earlier declared that it’s opened its portal for accomplishment of recent graduates and knowledgeable professionals into the system. NNPC cluster top dog, (Public Affairs Division), Ndu Ughamadu, confirmed the event on weekday in national capital, Nigeria’s capital. Ughamadu aforementioned that the portal for the accomplishment was opened on weekday. “The portal was opened these days and that i have received many inquiries whether or not it’s correct or not. ” we tend to are visiting recruit folks from completely different engineering fields, particularly recent graduates and equally within the body areas,” he aforementioned The NNPC cluster top dog said the accomplishment would be in 3 classes of recent graduates, senior officers/ higher-up cadre and social control cadre. Moments once the news went microorganism, Nigerians to the micro-blogging web site, Twitter to air their opinions. Naija News captured a number of the reactions below… NNPC recruiting once over five years, the amount of applications are going to be larger than the number of votes within the presidential elections — ruler Tofa (@Ussytofa) March twelve, 2019 That’s however the general public miss out on career lifting opportunities. You raise God to present you the right job, however NNPC opens job portal you say it’s far-fetched and for under those “with legs” or association. however will God carry you once you’re having this disbelieving gasp already. — Dr. Savage (@LordSurh) March thirteen, 2019 Imagine if NNPC was oversubscribed to friends that are liberated to be enriched, can there are accomplishment currently or retrenchment? many thanks Nigerians for rejecting them and reaffirming PMB. Next Level is here already — Mu’awiyyah Muye (@MP_Muye) March thirteen, 2019 Una don force NNPC advertise job opening! — Opeyemi Babalola (@CACCOT1) March thirteen, 2019 For NNPC to post that, suggests that they’ve already gotten their candidates. It’s with great care they’ll say “don’t say we tend to didn’t tell you” — Dr. J. Rocafella (@HausOfZara) March twelve, 2019 The folks that can get NNPC employment don’t seem to be applying through the net portal. If you recognize, you know. — FAVOUR ONYEOZIRI (@LifeOfRouvafe) March thirteen, 2019 @OgbeniDipo oga sir. have you ever detected regarding the NNPC accomplishment, facilitate U.S.A. create findings abeg, coz I’ve followed the due procedures and steps to date however the web site looks to urge stuck once I choose the apply choice on my portable computer or when I select the produce account option on my phone — SUWE LEE GATES (@ojo_shevexy01) March thirteen, 2019 U wan apply NNPC job for portal — U M A R U (@Itz_OmaaaR) March twelve, 2019 U wan apply NNPC job for portal — U M A R U (@Itz_OmaaaR) March twelve, 2019 This NNPC folks shouldn’t joke with our feelings Ohio, if they apprehend they’ll find yourself using their own folks, they shouldn’t stress U.S.A.. — Tutu of pH (@TutuAbbey) March thirteen, 2019 somebody aforementioned the amount of individuals that may apply for NNPC are going to be over the number of people that participated during this election — Uncle Chiieeee! (@UncleRajj) March thirteen, 2019 Biko if you ever create it to the NNPC interview, don’t go and be language #YouSmellNice abeg no let your village ppl follow you — Mosvin Bami #Cegar (@mosvinbami) March thirteen, 2019 #NNPC portal already a large number. — Comic Counsellor (@CounsellorComic) March thirteen, 2019 NNPC accomplishment message all over …but they don’t apprehend that it’s not for public. — Ojo Ebenezer ثروة كبيرة (@234today) March thirteen, 2019 someone unvoiced from NNPC therefore Nigerians currently have sense, therefore someone cannot joke with una once more — @godsino (@godsino3) March thirteen, 2019

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