Nigerians React To INEC’s Decision To Conduct Supplementary Presidential Election

The announcement of the freelance National Electoral Commission (INEC) to conduct a supplementary presidential election in areas wherever the poll was off last weekday has generated many reactions on the social media. whereas some Nigerians slammed and questioned the electoral body for the action, others created jokes and jest of the projected action. Here are some reactions: Biko, you those that are politically savvy, what will INEC suggests that once it says it desires to conduct supplementary presidential elections? — nwabueze amuta (@onyinwabbie) March one, 2019 Government of the absurb: INEC to conduct supplementary Presidential elections when saying President Buhari because the winner. Me: Why announce a winner during a hurry then? happy at me? — Matthew OGAGAVWORIA (@mogagavworia) March one, 2019 professor Yakubu diode INEC desires to conduct supplementary presidential elections on the day of gubernatorial/ HOA elections. The fraud is currently nervy when speeding to declare GMB winner as planned … Atiku/ religious cult ought to head to court with immediate alacrity!! — IKECHUKWU (@iykimo) March one, 2019 If the initial results wouldn’t be affected why move with the wastage of our resources within the pretense of conducting supplementary presidential elections — NOBLE EZEKIEL (@purcing) March one, 2019 drugs when death. Even their condolences to victims of election violence were afterthoughts. — Nnennaya Okposuogu (@neneOkposuogu) March one, 2019 they’re enjoying themselves. in order that they were conscious of all this abnormally and still went ahead to declare buhari because the winner. i believe @atiku call to travel to court is that the reason for this rubbish. — TULA (@Egin_tula) March one, 2019

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