Nigerians React As Yusuf Buhari Receives NYSC Certificate In Aso Rock

A storm of reactions by Nigerians has greeted a photograph showing the instant Yusuf Buhari, the son of Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, received a certificate indicating the completion of his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).
Naija News had reported earlier that the President’s son completed his one year necessary service year that he started last year recently.
This on-line news platform, however, understands that Yusuf’s state of service and place of primary assignment (PPA) was ne’er disclosed throughout his service year.
Naija News will, however, report that the President’s son bagged his Master’s Degree within the uk in Gregorian calendar month 2016 before he proceeded for his NYSC last year.
The President’s son and his sister, Zahra graduated from the University of Surrey, Guildford.
While alternative Nigerians receive their certificates at the NYSC State Secretariat, Yusuf, on the opposite hand, received his at Aso Rock, Nigeria’s Presidential Villa in Nigerian capital, the nation’s capital.
Apparently roiled with the event, Nigerians took to the micro-blogging website, Twitter to question President Buhari’s integrity over the event.
Naija News captured a number of the reactions below…

So una get chill, you folks expect Yusuf Buhari once a casualty ensuing him having a dimple in his forehead to try and do NYSC? WHO NYSC help?
— Comrade Frederick (@ComradeFrederi1) March fifteen, 2019

Most people on here shouting Yusuf Buhari didn’t move to camp nor serve rhetoric blah blah are fucking cheat.Even Davido, a normal musician couldn’t be camp for 24hrs bcoz it absolutely was too risky and won’t be tributary for him, however you expected the son of the president to.
— Babatunde (@iam_bheetee) March fifteen, 2019

Yall spoken language Yusuf buhari did National Trust attend any camp yen yen yen higher stfu. wherever we tend tore u once davido was in camp these days and abroad tomorrow? Is there another camp there we dnt knw abt?
— Jaqen H’ghar (@sadeeqmusa_) March fifteen, 2019

Yusuf Buhari started NYSC in November and has passed out yesterday….
— Tessyama (@tescool) March fifteen, 2019

Son of the President, Yusuf Buhari Passes Out of NYSC these days.
Congratulations until we tend to meet at CBN#corper of the year
— CP Wakili (@Ibrahim__Bello) March fourteen, 2019

Sometimes i’m wondering what involves Yusuf Buhari mind once he receive alert for 19k NYSC corpers pay.
— Uche Ahiafor (@olduche) March fifteen, 2019

This is what Davido envisaged. Yusuf Buhari treatment. currently he might wait another five years to induce his NYSC done.
— OONI OF Nigerian capital (@Deji_OoniAbj) March fifteen, 2019

Did Yusuf Buhari attended camp? metal American state, thus presentation of NYSC certificate is currently done within villa.
— Adetutu Balogun (@Tutsy22) March fifteen, 2019

“Next Level” yen yen yen yen “Integrity” yen yen yen yen
Here’s ‘Yusuf Buhari’, your Mr integrity’s son receiving his Discharge Certificate reception .
Also bear in mind he graduated from the University of Surrey, Guildford …
Living at intervals your suggests that kill you folks there
— Obong Ekpe (@Ody_johnson) March fifteen, 2019

This is Yusuf Buhari.Who was in camp with him please?Who saw him throughout clearance?Where was his PPA?
— Callings (@CollinsUma) March fifteen, 2019

For those asking questions about Yusuf Buhari and NYSCHe was announce to Nigerian capital,He camped within the Villa,He did his PPA within the Villa,He did clearance within the Villa and has currently received his certificate in the Villa.Remember; WAEC additionally did presentation someday past within the Villa.
— DanEtai (@DanEtai01) March fifteen, 2019

Yusuf Buhari has completed his NYSC…. what they aforementioned
Who has seen him throughout the necessary three weeks camp?
Who has ever seen him at his place of primary assignment?
Who has ever met him throughout the monthly clearance?
But we tend to keep desecrating the holiness of the word INTEGRITY
— Nafiu T (@nafeezi) March fifteen, 2019

Yusuf Buhari matter, I maintain that the majority of the sycophants raging “Sai Buhari” , have a lot of integrity than Buhari. the identical Yusuf that bought over one hundred million Nigerian monetary unit price of motorbikes for himself and his friend, and hid it trom his thieving Father. #MrIntegrityMyFoot
— Somto Onuchukwu (@chosensomto) March fifteen, 2019

I tutored NYSC could be a year. And Certificate is to be issued at NYSC State Secretariat. Yusuf Buhari started in Oct and got his certificate Yesterday. Is God not rattling.
— doctormayor (@iam_doctormayor) March fifteen, 2019

So you folks really suppose Yusuf Buhari would do NYSC the identical method we tend to did ours? He’s the son of the president. If it were you, you’d do quite that.
— Apostle DAN (@danny_gooner) March fifteen, 2019

I think this can be Yusuf Buhari, son of the President.
Please WHO is aware of that NYSC camp he attended and wherever he did his PPA?

Look at however he appearance within the kaki..
— Tosin Olugbenga (@TosinOlugbenga) March fifteen, 2019

When Davido announce together with his nysc khaki and flew out the subsequent week travel, you folks were spoken language its ok, he had employment to try and do. however currently you’re bitter with Yusuf Buhari receiving special treatment. I’m not a buharist, I don’t even like him a touch. however don’t be sentimental.
— Apostle DAN (@danny_gooner) March fifteen, 2019

Yusuf Buhari should been a personal corper govt Presentation of Discharge Certificate.
Nigga no kuku get white canvas to wear. White socks saved the day.
Next life, i will be able to still wanna be a Nigerians. Don’t question me why mbok
— AK (@ak_cute115) March fifteen, 2019

The president’s family is that the ‘first family’ and that they are entitled to special treatments. To suppose Yusuf Buhari would be running round the jungle within sun for NYSC is insane. I’m not a Buharist, I ne’er liked him. But this, there’s no issue here.
— Apostle DAN (@danny_gooner) March fifteen, 2019

The those that unbroken mute once Davido was breaking rules and laws set by the NYSC are those wailing over Yusuf Buhari’s POP image.
I forever trust our pricey Wailers to always set completely different standards to nourish their partisan minds.
— TallJohn (@JohnFanimokun) March fifteen, 2019

I swear to my God WHO created American state, i saw Yusuf Buhari in Wuse zone3 once he came for Clearance.
— Salaudeen Hassan (@hazzern1) March fifteen, 2019

Chill y’all are Forgetting that Yusuf Buhari owns an influence Bike… He used it to hurry up NYSC
— DANNY Walter (@CuteWalterr) March fifteen, 2019

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