Nigerians In South Africa Cries Out Over Unlawful TortureThat Led To The Death Of Celestine Nwokeocha

Nigerians living in South Africa|African country|African nation} have expressed annoyance with the alleged killing of a Nigerian, Celestine Nwokeocha, 36, by the South African Police. The President of the Nigerian Union in Republic of South Africa, Adetola Olubajo, whereas expressing the sensation of Nigerians to on the phonephone from capital of South Africa, South Africa,  earlier these days berated the atitude of soth african law enforcement officials to the young lad within the country. He aforementioned witnesses reportable that adult male Nwokeocha was allegedly tortured and crushed to death in his house at Sasolburg space of Free State Province by the police on January fifteen. Celestine Nwokeocha’s Passport “An enquiry docket has been opened at Zamdela station, Sasolburg, with case range 183/01/2019. “Also, freelance investigation Department (IPID) is concerned within the case and that we are assured that justice are served within the matter ,” he aforementioned adult male Olubajo aforementioned that 2 witnesses, Nonso, a Nigerian and Palesa, a South African, were inactive by the identical law enforcement officials UN agency allegedly killed Nwokeocha. “The witnesses, however, appeared in court on January. 17, however whereas the South African, Palesa was granted bail, Nonso, UN agency may be a Nigerian was denied bail.“Autopsy has been done by one Dr Humphris and no sign of any substance was found within the deceased abdomen.“But there are bruises on his face, blood in his mouth and 2 bruises on his chest; an indication of lack of gas, ” the president aforementioned. He suggested Nigerians resident in Sasolburg stay} calm and remain law lasting whereas the union works to seek out justice for the deceased. consistent with him, Nigerians are suggested to avoid partaking in activities which will imperil the eminent prosecution of the alleged law enforcement officials. “Nwokeocha is survived by his mate and seven-month previous daughter ,” adult male Olubajo aforementioned. Also, on the matter, the workplace of the diplomatic building General of Federal Republic of Nigeria in Republic of South Africa, condemned the killing of Nwokeocha.Laren Jingina, the Vice-Consul, data and Culture, said: “The diplomatic building detests in strongest terms, infringements of the law by security agents. “The diplomatic building demands compliance with the group action of the law, if it suspects infringement by anyone it’ll do the needed.” He aforementioned that the diplomatic building was already in discussion with the relevant host authorities and would make sure that justice is completed and also the affected law enforcement officials delivered to justice.Mr Jingina additionally urged members of the deceased family and Nigerians living in Sasolburg to stay calm and law lasting because the diplomatic building seeks justice for the deceased.

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