NigeriaDecides: Nigerians Reacts To Buhari’s Statement At APC Caucus Meeting

The statement by President Muhammadu Buhari at the All Progressives Congress caucus meeting on Mon has stirred heated reaction on social media. President Buhari had explicit throughout the meeting that anyone United Nations agency tries to disrupt the election are going to be doing that “at the expense of his own life”. He explicit throughout the meeting that he has given instruction to security agencies, to make sure the final election goes on swimmingly. “I can warn those that have planned to disrupt the peaceful elections to abstain from their planned actions. “Anyone United Nations agency tries that’s doing it at the expense of his own life,” President Buhari same. Nigerians have taken to the micro-blogging website, Twitter to share their read on the statement. See some reactions gathered by Naija News below: APC Caucus: President Muhammadu Buhari Talks powerful on Ballot Snatching #NigeriaDecides2019 — AMT (@AMTanimu) Feb eighteen, 2019 “Anybody United Nations agency incites violence in his neighborhood or leads a body of thugs to grab ballot boxes or disturbs the electoral system, throughout elections can do thus at the expense of his own life.” – Pres Muhammadu Buhari threatens at the continuing APC Caucus meeting. — Tosin Olugbenga (@TosinOlugbenga) Feb eighteen, 2019 I’ve ne’er seen something like this APC caucus meeting I simply watched. Party chairman hijacked National tv to incite the country against the electoral management authority, President threatening that individuals can die if they struggle to grab ballot boxes. They’re frightened scared — Fes’ (@boredfest) Feb eighteen, 2019 “Anyone United Nations agency snatches ballot boxes, can do thus at the expense of his own life.” -Muhammadu Buhari currently at the APC Caucus meeting in Nigerian capital. The caller of ‘Dog and Old World monkey can soak is at it once more.’ — ONYEDIKA ANAMBRA (@governmentson) Feb eighteen, 2019 Buhari at the APC caucus effectively same he’s ordered security operatives to kill (not arrest) any political malefactor United Nations agency tries snatching ballot boxes. this is often the identical Buhari United Nations agency allowed APC thugs stop PDP from balloting in Osun, whereas the FG deployed “remote control”. Na wah o. — Atiku For President (@AtikuForNaija) Feb eighteen, 2019

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