Nigeria: chaotic scenes as police try to stop the looting of South-African businesses in Abuja

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There were chaotic scenes, as police tried to stop the looting in Abuja. This branch of the South African chain Shoprite is the object of the crowd’s anger… It’s a revenge attack, after foreign-owned businesses in South Africa were targeted. VOX we are out today, to protest that this should not be continued again. We have South African citizens inside this country, we left them, they did not go, their investments are so much here, they are here we did not hurt them, why must they hurt our people.South Africa has responded by closing its diplomatic missions in Abuja and Lagos… saying its necessary to protect its staff, after a group of people tried to force their way into the Lagos consulate. DLS statement South Africa foreign ministry spokesman Lunga Ngqengelele After receiving reports and threats from some of the Nigerians we decided to temporarily close while we are assessing the situation. So we will be monitoring the situation and when see it necessary to open, we will re-open. As diplomatic tensions rise, Nigeria is boycotting the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town, that’s taking place this week. Meanwhile protests have been taking place in Zambia, outside the South African High Commission. Students shouted “no violence” as they demonstrated against the events in Johannesburg. In recent years attacks against foreign-owned businesses in South Africa have become a regular occurrence, as frustration mounts over high rates of unemployment, currently around 29%.

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