Logo Benz: Nigerians React To New Song By Olamide And Lil Kesh

Logo Benz Causes arguing Among Music Followers One of Nigeria’s most liked music stars, Olamide , has teamed up with another Nigerian music star, Lil Kesh to unleash a replacement song titled ‘Logo Benz.’ although Nigerians are gyrating to the new music audio, several have conjointly taken to social media to condemn the song that they claim is promoting cash ritual and activities of net fraudsters popularly called “yahoo boys.” hear the song below: See however twitter users are reacting: “If cash no enter i’m going do blood cash “ Olamide & lil kesh have altogether lost it with this statement, this can be unhappy and atrocious. The song ought to be illegal ASAP International Maritime Organization — Bankole Jnr (@manlikebanksz) December nineteen, 2018 Why is that the new Lil Kesh and Olamide song promoting/glorifying ritual killings/blood cash?? Why should you utilize terrible lyrics like this?? “If money no enter i’m going do blood money” There must be a line that you just can’t cross once it involves lyrics in music. this can be one in all them. — DaddyMO (@officialdaddymo) December twenty, 2018 Olamide’s audience are wont to his vulgar words & dont care therefore Olic would be sold-out out. https://t.co/85gvcW1Ucw — KinG NomSo (@ani_nomso) December twenty one, 2018 Naija News reports that Olamide’s annual concert, OLIC is ready to carry on Sunday, twenty third December, 2018 at the Eko edifice convention center in urban center and it remains to be seen what impact this latest song would wear the turnout of individuals for the event.

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