I will conquer the world with my music – Sean Dampte

Naija News And Events Naija News And Events – Breaking News from Nigeria and on the far side Sean Dampte is a quick rising performing artist UN agency says he is taking over with his music. He spoke concerning his plans for world domination. Background i’m Oluyole Oluwaseun, erst referred to as Dampte, however currently Sean Dampte. the general public still decision Pine Tree State Dampte. My educational activity was in urban center. As God would have it, i’ve got a master’s degree in Business Administration from a university within the uk associated my Bachelors of Science degree from an yankee university. Like the general public, my growing up wasn’t all rosy. I will say that my folks tried to form positive we have a tendency to youngsters ne’er lacked. You were within the Nigerian music business associated currently you’re an individual within the Great Britain. In what ways that are each similar and different? affirmative, you’ll say that undoubtedly. There are evident similarities and variations, however at the tip of the day we have a tendency to all attempting to bring out the simplest of Afrobeats. Production wise, the sounds around here are quite totally different however still borrow most of the African bass drums and melodies to form the one thing distinctive. So, for me, the similarities and variations are inter-woven on the road. You recorded some success in Nigeria. that song place the spotlight on you and the way did you get inspiration for the song? affirmative. a pair of tracks in some months (like Alignment that includes Rayce and No) have brought attention. The inspiration usually builds from my surroundings. For the track ‘Alignment’, for example, I draw comparisons between associate exotic automobile and an exquisite woman. however does one come back up together with your lyrics and beats? It depends, really. typically the beats or sound drives the track and different times it’s the lyrics 1st. you are attempting to induce a melody that works and from there, you start to create. In Nigeria and abroad, UN agency are those you’ve got had to collaborate with? i’ve got worked with the likes of Goldhands within the USA, Delirious and a few several others within the Great Britain. In Nigeria, i’ve got had sounds from DXL, Fliptyce, Jomane and Joey Benks amongst others. Your new single, ‘Million’, simply born. Tell USA concerning it. Well, I hope individuals find it irresistible. that’s all I expect, to be honest. What happens if it doesn’t go the manner you hope? (Laughs) it’ll go the manner I hope as a result of my expectations are already in motion. however was life for you in urban center? Lagos is and can forever stay home. My family lives there, the identical factor with friends and plenty of individuals UN agency appreciate Pine Tree State as someone and also the music I do. I come back to urban center at each chance. Why did you allow Nigeria for England? it had been a tough selection I had to form, however it had been one thing that I felt powerfully I had to try to to then and that i did. it had been not my 1st time living outside the country so after I felt it had been time to maneuver once more, I had to try to to it. What does one suppose is liable for the positive response that Nigerian music, particularly Afrobeat, is garnering worldwide? i think our music expresses the mentality of the individuals. Nigerians are typically happy individuals so our reasonably music is that that brings you that happy feeling. Like Plato same, society changes once music changes. thus i’m shot happy music, happy audience. Afrobeat to the world! does one very suppose Wizkid et al are actually creating Afrobeat productions? (Laughs) i think Wizkid and also the others do a good job at promoting our complete of music and culture. that musician(s) does one anticipate operating with in Nigeria and beyond? And why these people? altogether honesty, there’s nobody performing artist on my mind. I keep operating as onerous as I will and if the chance comes for additional collaboration, then my team and that i would need to take into account. does one have plans to unharness associate album anytime soon? UN agency knows? straight away, i really like the eye and also the short span. manufacturing associate album are some things the team and that i might need to take into account. What will bring you to Nigeria at this stage of your career? typically, i think my sound is otherwise distinctive within the manner I deliver my tracks and additionally the genuineness of that i’m is what I attempt to place out there for everybody to work out. thus “If I say that i really like you,  no be joke.” The post i will be able to conquer the globe with my music – Sean Dampte appeared 1st on Naija News And Events.

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