Flashback: How Prophet Temitope Aduroja Predicted Postponement Of 2019 Elections

A prophecy by Prophet Temitope Aduroja, World Health Organization expected Goodluck Jonathan’s defeat in 2015, that the 2019 general elections are visiting be delayed has come to pass. Naija News recollects that Prophet Aduroja had expected in January that the Presidential election slated for February sixteen (today) won’t hold, noting that it’ll be delayed. “ Year 2019 presidential election won’t hold in February as planned by INEC. it’s visiting be delayed to a special month,” darling of his twenty-eight prophecies for the year 2019 browse. “2019 Presidential election are visiting be powerful and at the identical time, it’s visiting be attention-grabbing over year 2015 election. many dramas will begin to unfold between presently till election day. “Northerners will shock Nigerians inside the returning presidential election. The results of some Northern States will surprise many people. It’s visiting be contrary to expectations liquid matter widespread belief. “I see a replacement President in land in year 2019. He’s visiting win a minimum of twenty States out of thirty six. this could be visiting shock many people. The incumbent President will don’t have any choice than to easily settle for defeat,” had expected. Prophet Temitope Aduroja. A truth check by Naija News shows that the freelance National Electoral Commission (INEC) delayed the Presidential and thus the National Assembly elections by one week earlier these days rather than the one month as expressed by Prophet Aduroja in January. Naija News reports that the Commission together delayed the post and state assembly elections, it’ll presently hold on March 9. Giving a reason for the selection, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu same the selection was taken once a careful review of the founded for the exercise. “Following a careful review of the implementation of its provision and operational founded and thus the determination to conduct free, truthful and credible elections, the commission came to the conclusion that continued with the elections as scheduled isn’t from now on attainable,” he said. “Consequently, the commission has determined to schedule the Presidential and National Assembly Elections to Sat, twenty 3 February 2019. “Furthermore, the post, State House of Assembly and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) area Council Elections is rescheduled to Sat ninth March 2019. this could afford the Commission the prospect to handle famed challenges therefore on be sure of the quality of our elections,” Yakubu same.

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