Daddy Freeze Reacts To The Death Of Late DJ XGee

Controversial OAP, dada Freeze, has disclosed that he suffered depression from his initial wedding, he expressed this whereas reacting to the death of DJ XGee. Recall that Naija News reportable that DJ XGee killed himself on January ordinal. Freeze expressed that his initial wedding place him in severe depression and it’s a miracle he survived it. See what he wrote below; ”Rest in peace bro…. – Depression is so a killer, I’ve been down that road before. My initial wedding created American state really depressed and once my former pastor, told American state to mend that marriage; the supply of my depression, i spotted the Tempter was actually his god. – In John Chapter four, once Christ met the benefactor girl United Nations agency had five previous husbands and was living with the sixth at the well, he ne’er known as her a evildoer, or told her to travel back to her initial wedding, or move out of wherever she was living with the person she wasn’t married to, does one understand why? as a result of in contrast to those uneducated cutpurses you decision pastors and GOs, Christ understood the dynamics of a relationship, thus rather than condemnatory her like faith would do, he turned her into a harvester of souls for his kingdom. – If being in an exceedingly toxicant relationship is that the supply of your depression, LEAVE instantly, file for a divorce, it’s the most effective call I ever took. However, if you’re soft on with somebody which love isn’t being reciprocated, it’s a touch bit additional technical and such an individual desires a really capable network. – Your pastors would most likely tell you he’s visiting hell, let American state assure you that they’d get there initial. – Greed, lies, grouping tithes from widows and orphans, grouping {the entire|the United Nations agencyle|the complete} January salaries of individuals who will barely feed themselves and living in falsehood would get you to hell abundant quicker than suicide ever will. – The human mind may be a terribly fragile issue, be terribly careful however you handle folks that are unhappy or depressed. The hierarchy of your price systems won’t coincide with theirs, thus watch out to not read their lives through your own eyes, instead try and show sympathy. – individuals use all styles of header mechanisms to handle depression, don’t choose them, help them, if you can’t, be nice to them. – cash doesn’t answer all things, once again, stop paying attention to those louts behind pulpits. once you are depressed cash doesn’t invariably facilitate, unless in fact cash is that the supply of the Depression within the initial place. – Don’t break hearts, some individuals ne’er extremely recover, try and be as truthful as you most likely will, if you merely wish sex, don’t promise wedding. ~FRZ #FreeTheSheeple”

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