Cloned Buhari Rumour: A Threat To Buhari’s Re-election?

Real Or faux, See What Buhari’s Re-election Is Up Against whereas the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration is doing everything attainable to possess a soft landing at the 2019 elections, plots, threats, accusations and methods from oppositions appear to air prime of their game. Naija News recollects that since the President declared his interest during a re-election, effort  of oppositions and different threats appears to possess tripled. Mass defections from the ruling All Progressive Congress , discrediting comments from some big-wig politicians; of recent, the decision for a rise in salary, that brought the Buhari’s administration as AN object below shut watch by a number of his critics; the continued strike by the educational employees Union Of Universities (ASUU); the serious attacks and fights because of activities of bandits, kidnappers, Boko Haram terrorists among others. However, of special attraction is that the rumour that the President is dead which one Jibril of Sudan is acting because the body double and created to seat in his role as Nigerian President. This polemic rumour that given plenty of facts had attracted comments from various Nigerians ,with some finding it straightforward to believe whereas others thought it absolutely was ridiculous. Naija News recollects that a protracted noted anti- Buhari, IPOB leader and Biafra trouble maker, Nnamdi Kanu was at the highest of it as he said the President has been ‘replaced’ by AN pseud called ‘ Jubril Aminu Alsudani . once many undignified and suggestive comments from Nigerians and politicians, the President, speaking from faraway European country, finally stony-broke the silence to mention ‘I am real’. This has but not succeeded in motion the mouth of the opposition because the same Nnamdi Kanu launched another insistence by giving that the President isn’t real. during a report titled ‘ Nnamdi Kanu Releases vi ‘Facts To Prove President Buhari Has Being Replaced By Jubril Of Sudan,   Kanu noted that   Buhari was regarding seventy five years once he assumed the presidency in 2015. He looked substantially his age, and appeared perceptibly frail shriveled thanks to the ravaging ailments that eventually saw to his dying. On the opposite hand, Jibril is regarding fifty years previous and it shows in his gait, his timber, and therefore the sander tone of his face and skin. There’s additionally the slight distinction earlobes between the 2 men. This  report gave the impression to rouse doubts over President Buhari’s identity and their religion in him, moreover exploit the large question of whether or not he’s price their votes within the 2019 elections. Moreso, with all of the hanging organizations and unions still unfinished and continuous threat by Boko haram terrrorist within the North -east region, the President is also fighting AN endless war. See some recent Tweets regarding Buhari’s identity below: #IF cake BUHARI is that the excellent EXAMPLE OF however somebody BEHAVES once HE’S CLONED,OH God I PRAY U create Maine additional CLONED THAN cake BUHARI I WANNA BE CLONED.INFACT IM CLONED #NEXTLEVEL IN SHAA God.WHO WANNA BE CLONED?? — CLASSIQ AB (@ClassiqAb) Dec ten, 2018 simply examine however foreigners are questioning Buhari on this issue of “clone”. Asking crucial queries & raising plenty of mud however solely Nigerians can tell you it’s bullshit,it’s not attainable & all that nonsense. i’m wondering why Nigerians are therefore self-satisfied & hates to raise queries. — Miz Cazorla (@MizCazorla1) Dec vi, 2018 If you ever feel dangerous that some Nigerians believe Buhari to be a clone, bear in mind some Americans too suppose Michelle Obama may be a transgender. There are idiots everyplace, time & house doesn’t outline them. — Mr. Kermit (@O_ssai) December 8, 2018 With simply some days to the 2019 elections in Nigeria, it remains to be seen what impact the claims and counter claims on President Buhari’s identity would wear the end result of the presidential elections and therefore the fate of the participants in addition because the political parties. In all, it’s within the hand of Nigerians to decide!

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