Civil Right Groups protest, demand total #SecurityOverhaul in Nigeria (Photos)

Naija News And Events Naija News And Events – Breaking News from African nation and on the far side The ENDS organisation with the Cabal should Go movement, New African nation Youth Progressive Association, Coalition for higher African nation, Youth Voices of African nation and different teams commenced protests Yesterday, Tues for total security overhaul in African nation. Listing a series of issues, dozens of loyal voters marched to varied government offices as well as the Ministry of Justice, Federal Secretariat, National Assembly (only to seek out that the Senators were on a 3 -week recession for “Eid” holidays and at last ending at police station. Protests were additionally commenced in different states and Nigerian high commissions abroad. when concerning associate hour of complaining and tries to storm the doorway of the police station, they were self-addressed by the DIG Operations Joshak Habila United Nations agency listened to the frustrations of Nigerians as deliverd by Dr. Perry Brimah of ENDS and CabalMustGo movement, and others; and so some leaders of the organisations were obsessed to fulfill and gift their demands to the police authorities in a very conference meeting. loyal Nigerians can continue complaining and comprehensive amendment. Letters got to the media and government offices presenting an inventory of demands for total amendment towards up the Nigerian police and properly securing the lives of Nigerians, currently the “most terrorized nation within the world” with its police recently reviewed as being the “worst within the world.” Demands List: one. IMMEDIATE Retirement of Military Intelligence Section 5 chiefs! two. deployment of the eightieth police presently allotted as bodyguards for the rich cabal as admitted by IGP Idris, to secure the lots. 3. deployment of respiratory illness to pursue killer Boko Haram terrorists employed by the kine house owners, rustlers and farmers. 4. associate finish to respiratory illness when on top of item #3. 5. come back of the military to rest within the barracks, as they need no constitutional role replacement the police with time period brutality as a result of the police are presently entertained to be bodyguards for the rich cabal. 6. Trial of all security agents and heads concerned in massacres and secret burials of complaining youth across the state. (Zaria massacre, Onitsha and Umuahia massacres, legislator Lafiagi Kwara massacre etc.) 7. The Arrest of senate president Bukola Saraki as is constitutionally ordained supported the packaging indictment charade by the police. Once police accuse a national of militarisation terrorists, it’s a requirement THEY at once ARREST HIM. Otherwise the law enforcement officials liable for the general public charges should be control to account eight. For IGP Idris to be control to account for “flouting” Buhari’s orders to stay a special force to guard the poor folks of Benue as Buhari alleged. 9. The immediate decentralization amendments to make state police and restore regionalism. 10. one thousandth observation of “Security Votes” allocation and FULL PUBLIC revealing of disbursement. 11. higher welfare, funding and mass accomplishment for the Nigerian police. 12. Prompt proscription of all teams presently concerned in terror in African nation while not discrimination. 13. training of police, assignment to areas of must forestall crime and a complete finish of intimidation tolls with police solicitation for bribe on Nigerian roads. 14. correct written record with full names of all Nigerian deaths from terror while not concealment of any kind. 15. correct advantages and welfare for civilians and state security officers and their families United Nations agency are victims of terror. 16. The arrest and prosecution of Boko Haram sponsors and every one different terror sponsors. Our police should be saved from the “worst within the world” to a distinguished establishment. African nation will not stay the foremost terrorized nation on planet earth. we have a tendency to demand responsibility from the leadership. we have a tendency to shall wait no a lot of for this easy and imperative emplacement of Nigeria’s security equipment. TOO several INNOCENT LIVES are LOST. THEIR DEATHS should NOT BE vainly. it’s TIME FOR THIS DEADLY untrustworthiness to finish ONCE AND FOR ALL. VULNERABLE NIGERIANS CANNOT AFFORD to attend until 2019! THE POOR folks OF BENUE, TARABA, ZAMFARA, ADAMAWA, BORNO, KADUNA, ONITSHA, ENUGU et al can’t be LEFT TO DIE, impotently AND CHEAPLY any longer. Written Dr Perry Brimah The post human right teams protest, demand total #SecurityOverhaul in African nation (Photos) appeared 1st on Naija News And Events.

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