Breaking PH News: Pacquiao is not Closing his Doors to Run for President

Senator Manny Pacquiao got a seal of approval from President Duterte himself to become the country’s next president. This is one of the bold steps that a sitting president can take. This can work for the good or the worse of the senator depending on how the residents take it.

The boxer-turned-senator revealed that there are no plans to run for presidency yet but he remains open to the idea. This leaves a lot of speculation among the citizens. It is not yet clear whether he will accept the endorsement. However, the fact that senator Manny Pacquiao is open to any idea says a lot depending on how you take it.

Pacquiao stressed that he just wants to focus on his jobs right now. This is a wise move because there is time for everything. In fact, it could be a political move that will show his voters that he is a focused personality.

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