Bob Marley still sends tourists to Jamaica

Naija News And Events Naija News And Events – Breaking News from Nigeria and on the far side In today’s feverish times, vocalist & The Wailers’ new “Easy Skanking” video is a carefree reminder to celebrate the continuing international heritage that’s and forever are merely called Bob Marley. And wherever higher to require a flash to impede and appreciate the natural beauty and therefore the joy than in Marley’s home, Jamaica? right away, you’ll take a visit through the thrill and walks of life around Jamaica as you are taking within the sights of the island and feel the ambience that’s solely felt in Jamaica. This new music video discharged nowadays by the vocalist family, Island Records, and Ume, was created by Pantera Film Studios, directed by Brian Kazez, and shot in numerous locations around Kingston. vocalist repository in Jamaica currently that you’ve seen the video, are you already designing your trip to Jamaica? From every morning’s superb sunrise till the ocean swallows the sun in the dead of night, Jamaica presents a powerful palette of color and a toy of beauty that creates the island the foremost precious jewel within the Caribbean. it’s a land of distinctive experiences, participating activities, exciting landscapes, and heat hospitable individuals. No place on Earth provides the vary of attractions and therefore the cultural diversity that may be found in Jamaica. With its paramount theme of Marley’s notable song, “One Love,” no alternative place offers such various journey, romance, nature, events, and family times like Jamaica. once asserting the new video, the vocalist camp said: “With its breezy ambience, tropical rhythms, and easy-going decree, ‘Easy Skanking’ is one amongst the foremost ineradicable songs from vocalist & The Wailers’ acclaimed March 1978 album Kaya, that was recorded in London at the same time with the fabric that ultimately comprised 1977s Exodus. The classic song is additionally featured on Marley’s greatest hits compilation, Legend, that holds the excellence of being the world’s popular popular music album of all time, with over fifteen million copies sold-out within the u. s. and over twenty eight million worldwide.” The post vocalist still sends tourists to Jamaica appeared 1st on Naija News And Events.

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