Biafra: IPOB Members Protest In Jewish Clothes In Umuahia (Photos)

Earlier nowadays in Umuahia, suspected members of the autochthonous individuals Of Biafra (IPOB), dressed as Jews, clean up the streets, demanding Biafra restoration. VIDEO OF BIAFRAN JEWS complaintive IN UMUAHIA BEFORE THE CONFRONTATION WITH SECURITY AGENCIES nowadays.. — epitome creation ltd (@EpitomeLtd) Dec eleven, 2018 Naija News recalls  earlier this year the pro-independence teams marked fifty one years since the declaration of associate freelance Republic of Biafra plunged the country into a warfare, amid revived tensions and contemporary imply a separate state. Among the IPOB are one among the biggest ethnic teams within the central state, the Igbo individuals, and among them may be a tiny minority of active Jews, United Nations agency believe they’re descended from the tribes of Israel. Members of IPOB, semiconductor diode by Nnamdi Kanu have perpetually insisted that it’s their constitutional right to demand for Biafra republic and have referred to as on the govt. to conduct a vote on the sovereign state of Biafra. the govt. has but to this point declined to honour their request, proscribing the cluster and its activities at intervals the country.

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