BBC Mocks Okorocha For Erecting Buhari-like Statue (Photo)

BBC News ethnic group has mocked Governor Rochas Okorocha for building a President Muhammadu Buhari-like sculpture in Owerri, in Omo State.
Sharing the photos on its Facebook page, the news medium questioned if the governor was ne’er uninterested in building statues.
BBC wrote in ethnic group, “It’s like Okorocha isn’t uninterested in building statues, UN agency is he building for United Nations agency folks again?”

Rochas Okorocha wasn’t issued a Certificate of come by the freelance National Electoral Commission, INEC, on Th, when he was adjudged to own forced the functionary for United Nations agency West legislator District to declare him the winner of the February. twenty three legislator election.

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