Alimosho Will Give APC 500,000 Votes- Senator Adeola Yayi

The legislator representaing Lagos West And Chairman of Senate Committee on native Content legislator male monarch Adeola has secure APC a complete votes of not less that 500000 from Alimosho government altogether elections because the party command the primary in its series of rally for the elections. Addressing party faithfuls and constituents at Pako Field in Alimosho, the legislator aforesaid the LGA has been systematically underneath the progressives since 1999 with its immense population delivering immense votes for the progressives altogether previous elections stressing that the target this point around is to hit the [*fr1] 1,000,000 mark for the LGS with the most important federal body in Nigeria in terms of population that’s larger than that of some states. “We are resolute at this point to interrupt records with our votes. Alimosho has perpetually been on the front burners of development that’s being delivered by serial government. within the last 3 and [*fr1] years APC government has delivered several infrastructure comes like roads, bridges, hospitals among others within the LGA and with management programmes of all legislators the LGAs is on imprisonment for APC and every one its candidates” the legislator contesting for re- election explicit . legislator Adeola restated his read that there’s no comparison between what APC government at the Federal level achieved with restricted resources in 3 and [*fr1] years with the ruinous sixteen years of the PDP stressing that the challenges the state is facing at now are effects of clearing the rubbles that misgovenance of the past left for the state. “The APC government of President prophet Buhari ought to be recommended for firmly taking the state out of “Egypt of PDP era” with its infrastructure development, improvement in power offer and a sustained fight to confirm security and opposing corruption. Having left a rotten past I urged all voters to vote for the party that took the state far from the abominable track of unchecked pillaging and misgovenace” he explicit . Addressing the gang whereas presenting flags to the candidates that enclosed the legislator, Hon Femi Adebajo, Representing Alimosho Federal body, Hon. Kehinde Joseph, contesting for Alimosho State body two And Hon Yusuf Bisi Ayinla, recontesting for Alimosho body one, Alhaji Abdullahi Enilolobo, the APC state organising secretary, aforesaid the APC administration has done well to merit the votes of any patriotic and discerning Nigerian stressing that the foremost recent indication of that’s that the Yule wasn’t spent at hydrocarbon service station as was our expertise within the past. He aforesaid the administration has improved power offer from the but 4000 megawatts it met to over 7000 megawatts adding that vital infrastructure like major roads and rails are looming stream to alleviate the suffering of Nigerians and spur economic development.

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