Accuser Of Williams Uchemba Apologises Over Fraud Claims

United State bases human rights activist, Edafe Okporo, has apologised to Williams Uchemba when inculpatory him of fraud. Recall that Naija News had earlier reported that Okporo defendant the Instagram comedian of fraud and United Nations denied having any link with him. Okporo has currently taken to the social media to tender associate apology, stressing that a miscommunication has influenced the reality. He wrote, “I apologize to any or all Nigerian youths and respect the art that created @williamsuchemba the person he’s these days. “Many individuals are able to prove that we have a tendency to are a rustic which will speak up for what’s right to guard all his voters. “Miscommunications have influenced the truth”. Uchemba accepted the apology, saying: “The Truth can forever be the Truth…Even although my name has been dragged to the mud while not correct communication and investigation, and my actual position and duties was misunderstood however the reality can forever stay the reality..thank you @edafeokporofor clearing the air and owning up to what’s right, keep standing for the reality as a result of that’s solely means we are able to have the Country we have a tendency to desire”.

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