2018 World Cup: Senegal out, lose 0-1 to Colombia

Naija News And Events Naija News And Events – Breaking News from African nation and on the far side Republic of Senegal came thus shut however in the finish have been eliminated from the World Cup as a result of they had received a lot of yellow cards than Japan. meaning all 5 African groups – Republic of Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Republic of Senegal and African nation – are knocked out of the cluster stages. It’s the primary time since 1982 that no African team has created it through to the knockout stage. and also the 1st time that the fair-play rule concerning yellow cards has been employed in the globe Cup. Here is however Senegal’s 1-0 defeat to South American nation compete out. Sadio Mané (Left) was unable to attain for {senegal|Senegal|Republic of Republic of Senegal|African country|African nation} The post 2018 World Cup: Senegal out, lose 0-1 to South American nation appeared 1st on Naija News And Events.

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