10 Top Dancehall Artists in the World 2018

Dancehall originates from reggae, as well as its roots come back again in the late 1971s. Very quickly this genre spread from the Carribbean to the rest of the globe. It is extremely popular nowadays, even such big stars as Drake and Rihanna have dancehall tracks in their releases. Many stars try themselves in dancehall but only a few are able to preserve the vibes on this genre and become real dancehall kings. So, we have designed for you a compilation of 10 best dancehall musicians in the world who made a great contribution to the flourishing of this music genre.

Keep reading to learn the names of best dancehall musician in the world 2018 .

In this article is the set of top 10 dancehall artist of 2018 from different 4 corners of our planet in no particular order.

1 ) Alkaline

This young but very talented musician felt the fame in the early on 2016. It is interesting that fame of the dancehall artist came to him at the time when Vybz Kartel was imprisoned. Actually, Kartel-inspired works made him so popular.

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