Nigeria: Business leaders divided on who to support in the election – VOA60 Africa 2-12-2019

South Africa: Death toll climbs to six with 22 people still trapped underground after an explosion at the Gloria coal mine Wednesday, with rescue efforts hampered for days because of high levels of toxic fumes.
Nigeria: Business leaders are divided on who to support in the upcoming presidential election, with both candidates making the economy a top issue amid mixed signals over the past three years.
Ethiopia: The World Health Organization says contaminated food is a mounting health problem and economic burden in the country.
South Africa: Archaeologists have rediscovered a lost city known as Kweneng, in the Suikerbosrand National Park, using laser technology.
Benin: The founder of the Nokoue Jazz Festival says the event held in the lake’s villages aims to bring music to places that often are excluded from the cultural world.

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