DXN Nigeria market opening presentation: Ganoderma coffee MLM business in Africa

Nigeria’s first official DXN presentation at the market opening ceremony in Lagos office by International Marketing Director of DXN

Life is too short not to drink DXN coffee

Teachers choose this coffee business

Free membership: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/s/accreg/en/310017874

DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom coffee company is in Nigeria!

First I have to correct myself a tiny bit: DXN and the CEO and founder of the company, Datuk Dr Lim Siow Jin calls DXN the Ganoderma company. The reason why I added ’medicinal mushroom coffee’ in the description is because DXN healthy coffee is probably the most popular product of the Malaysian based market leader company.

No risk, no investment: DXN is a business without obligations

DXN business works the same way all over the world: Take the products, share the products and business opportunity with others in your own way and profit will follow on the long run. It is also true everywhere that family and friends try to dissuade those who joined or planning to join DXN. They do so because they want to protect the new DXN candidates – their sons, daugthers, friends – from failure and losing money. At this point I have great news: there is no risk in DXN coffee business as there is no need to invest any money! Therefore, if there is no investment needed, noone can lose money! 🙂

Magyar DXN oldalaim:
Ingyenes tagság: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/s/accreg/hu/310017874

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