Adapting a work life balance in Nigeria – Lagos Business School

Dr. Eugene Ohu, Senior Lecturer at the Lagos Business School
There are different beliefs and schools of thought that highlight the pros and cons of the work life balance concept; while some agree it is not attainable, others implore organisations to encourage the practice as it helps optimize employee performance and reduces burn-out.

On one hand of the concept of work-life balance, you have ‘work,’ which represents employment, career and professional life. On the other hand, there is ‘life,’ which represents your social life, family and your personal life outside work.

A popular misconception around this is the erroneous belief that work-life balance is when you allocate an equal amount of time to both aspects of your life.
Is trying to apportion equal time for work and life outside work unrealistic?
Joining us now to discuss this and more is Dr Eugene Ohu, Senior Lecturer at the Lagos Business School…..Welcome to The Morning Show.

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